Electrolyzed Water


About Us

About Us

Promoting alternative natural nontoxic ecofriendly solutions for a healthier farming ecosystem for our children.

Let’s nurture the soil, protect biodiversity, and leave a legacy of health for generations to come!
We are health-conscious biohacking Californians who are always on the lookout for the better ways to improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment. We are dedicated to:

1. Reducing Chemicals:

2. Protecting the Environment:

Shivinder S. Deol, MD, ABAARM (CEO): Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, is passionate about alternative natural therapies. Electrolyzed water’s role in disease prevention and sustainable farming resonates with his holistic approach.

Harsev, J.R. Thiara (President): A lifetime farmer, J.R. is dedicated to innovative technologies to improve health and environment.

Embrace the Future: Let’s cultivate a future where agriculture thrives without compromising health or the planet. Electrolyzed water holds promise as a sustainable, productive, and eco-friendly solution.

Electrolyzed water, especially when generated on-site using electrolysis, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Unlike chemical pesticides or fungicides, it doesn’t leave harmful residues in the environment.

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